What was the brief you gave Works in Print?
To find or produce their own black and white image of a well known central London location to mirror and update the 1950s images of Piccadilly Circus

How did they fulfil the brief?
Extremely well. They provided a range of original images, in both landscape and portrait, and were able to manipulate these (photo shop and tweak the image for content and brightness etc) to provide the desired result.

What was the outcome, has there been feedback from staff/clients, would you recommend their services?
The result was exactly what we were looking for – a contemporary and proprietary image reflecting the well known photos of the past. They were highly attentive, responsive and enthusiastic as a company and about our project. They provided us with exactly what we were looking for, and managed the process through to production and installation which took the headache out of the project. Would definitely recommend them.

Julia Gallop, Veni Partners