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Introduction to the Research 

Works in Print is pioneering the notion that Art Works. That the correct pieces of art, carefully and collectively selected, can increase employee engagement, satisfaction, well-being and productivity.

Based on earlier research and a series of ongoing focus group studies, Works in Print has been able to show
a qualitative link.  With a fully funded academic research project currently underway, we hope to prove that the
right art has a positive impact upon the productivity of organisations and their employees.

Art in the workplace

Art is largely ignored: 95% of people cannot see art from their workstation.  The Leesman Index reports that 85.1%
of their dataset were dissatisfied with the artwork provision, but that 50% thought it was an important part of the workplace.

Dr Thomas, expert in evidence-based design and post-occupancy evaluation whose doctoral research focused on evaluating the impact of the workplace environment and creating a stimulating environment for employees, changed aspects of an existing workplace including temperature and break areas to discover whether they affected employees’ alertness. Of all the aspects changed, the biggest impact came from the introduction of artwork. 

Art Works?

Through a series of presentations to industry thinkers and professionals, we have already started to show commonality in decision-making around art and which pieces are best suited to specific areas.  For example,
we found that over 75% of people selected the same image to include in the workplace to promote well being.




What next?

Works in Print is in discussions to progress the Art Works! programme with some significant arts institutions and occupiers in the UK. We are looking for organisations with whom we can further our research and  occupiers  and art institutions to talk to as part of the round table discussions. These discussions will frame the details of our future research.

The full research paper can be downloaded at and Dr. Thomas can be contacted by visiting her website.